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Code Type
A1 Brick/ Blocks
A2 Cement
A3 Stone/ Mosaic/ Admix
A4 Earth/ Sand
B1 Sanitary- Water Supp
B2 Sanitary Accessories
B7 GI/ SS Pipe/ Fitting
B8 RCC Pipe
C1 Aluminium Channel
C2 Alum/ PVC Accessoris
C3 Plastic Door/Win/Par
D1 Prop/Pipe/I-sec/Box
E1 Equipment/ Scaffoldi
E2 Deep Tube-well
F1 Timber/ Board
F2 Steel-MS/ SS
F3 Tile/ Marble
F4 Paint
F5 Polish
L1 Labour-Civil
L2 Work Rate-1
L3 Work Rate i/c Materi
M1 Miscelleneous
M2 Local Carriage,Sundr