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Code Type
A1 Material Cost-Civil
A2 Bracing Steel
A3 Sanitary Materials
A4 Material-Finishing
A5 Steel Structure
A6 Landscape/ Road
A7 Sanitary Fixtures
B0 Sub-Contractor-Civil
B1 Labour-Prelimnaries
B2 Labour-Substructur-1
B3 Labour-Substructur-2
B4 Labour SuperStructu
B5 Labour Finishing
B6 Still Works-Erection
B7 Labour-Lanscaping
B8 Labour-Sanitary
B9 HVAC-Instalation
C1 Lift
C2 Generator
C3 Substation
C4 Fire Detection-Prote
C5 Access Control
C6 Rain Water Harvestin
C8 Elecro Mechanical
C9 Electrical Materials
D1 Design/Prelims
D2 Others-Structure
D3 Shuttering-Hardware
D4 Others-Finishing
D5 Other-Steel Struct
D6 Others-Plumbing
E1 Equipment Cost
E2 Safety Material
F1 Fit-out